Notice the Difference With Professional Oven Cleaning from Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon

A greasy, funny smelling, and slow-working oven could easily put off even the most dedicated chef on the planet. Schedule an oven cleaning session with Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon today. The service can drastically turn things around! You will be visited by local specialists who will clean your appliance’s exterior and interior with great diligence to put an end to the ever-present smell of charred food. You’ll also be able to cook your meals twice as fast. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

What Does Our Cleaning Package Include?

You will hardly find more dedicated specialists than the oven cleaners at Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon – polite, certified, and thoroughly police-checked. They are ready and willing to provide you with a free inspection of your cooker. Also advise you on its energy consumption rate. What we can also provide is:

  • Flexible appointment slots: Schedule a session on a workday, weekday, or bank holiday;
  • Multiple bookings: Benefit from a discount off the final price. Just combine our main service with carpet cleaning, landscaping, gardening, and more!;
  • Small repairs: The experts can replace any faulty component inside your cooker. Also clean all other kitchen appliances per your request;
  • Quality detergents: All cleaning products that we use are eco-friendly and are guaranteed to prolong the life of your oven.

Learn the Process of Our Professional Oven Cleaning

The cooker cleaning process starts from the moment you meet the specialists at your doorstep:

  1. You won’t have to supply your newly arrived guests with anything. Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon carry all the instruments and cleaning products that are required for the job.
  2. A thorough inspection of your cooker, performed to determine the total amount of work needed. A check whether everything is working as intended. The specialists cover all nearby appliances and furniture against accidental spills.
  3. Your oven is then carefully disassembled and all components (trays, panels, fans, control knobs, etc.) are placed in an anti-bacterial solution inside a special dip tank.
  4. While they wait for the grime on the cooker parts to dissolve. The team will move on to scrubbing and polishing. All residual grease, burnt-on carbon and food deposits will be wiped off. Even from the rest of the appliance and the double glass door.
  5. The submerged parts are then easily scraped with wired brushes and sponges. Thus giving them a shining new look and everything is re-assembled and tested.
  6. You can cook as soon as the final stove cleaning inspection is complete!

Save on Time and Money – Get in Touch Now!

Our booking process for oven valeting in Abingdon OX14 is quite intuitive – you can either dial 01235 248 081 to contact a friendly advisor. Do the same via e-mail, our website chat, or by submitting our booking form. Describe us your kitchen appliance in detail, state your address, and we’ll pay you a visit at a day of your preference. We’ll also give you an individual price estimate for absolutely free!

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