Amaze Your Landlord With End of Tenancy Cleaning from Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon

The Many Intricacies of Moving House

There is so much that you need to do before you could enjoy your new surroundings. Remembering to pack all personal possessions, dealing with various institutions, changing postcodes, and clean your rented place to perfection. You completely forgot about that last bit! And you really don’t have the time to polish every room in your property. But this is all that stands between you and your well-deserved deposit. You shouldn’t let it slip away. Dion’s Cleaners’ end of tenancy cleaning in Abingdon OX14 won’t allow for that to happen! The local specialists will arrive on the scene to treat every last corner of the property and appease even the most irritable landlord.

See How Your Local Service Will Make Things Simple

Even if you did decide to clean a room or two. You were immediately put off by the incredibly detailed checklist that has to be met down to every last tick. Dion’s end of tenancy cleaners in Abingdon OX14, however, are prepared to meet exactly such excessive demands. From the moment they arrive at your doorstep, they will bring all the tools needed to:

  • Dust furniture and remove cobwebs from ceilings;
  • Clean light switches, sockets, mirrors, pictures;
  • Polish floor edges, wipe curtain rails, remove fingerprints;
  • Deal with cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers both from outside and within;
  • Hoover carpets and clean beneath all beds and sofas;
  • Mop all floors, degrease and polish all kitchen appliances;
  • De-scale, unclog, and remove food deposits from kitchen sink;
  • Deal with limescale on windows and on bathroom tiles, disinfect the toilet.

All of this is merely a rundown of a much more comprehensive cleaning process. It is designed to please landlords and estate agents alike!

Please take note: We cannot perform end of tenancy cleaning if there are personal belongings still left in the property.

Tenancy Cleaning Abingdon & Its Unique Benefits

You won’t see Dion’s tenancy cleaners in Abingdon constantly glancing at their watches. The service is unlimited in time, which guarantees that not a single smudge will escape the specialists’ keen eyesight. On top of that, there’s also:

  • Complete 72 hours guarantee: Not happy with what you’re seeing? Make sure to call us back within the course of one day and we’ll re-clean everything for free!;
  • Versatile equipment: Vacuum cleaners, window squeegees, ladders, multi-purpose detergents… we’ve got all we need to do the job then and there;
  • Flexible booking options: Just choose any day of the week and we’ll handle the rest. You can also schedule sessions for bank holidays!;
  • Reliable experts: Each team member has been reference-checked and trained to use the latest cleaning products and equipment on the market;
  • Service bundles: Include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, rubbish removal, and many other services to receive great discounts and even better results.

Read Our Clients’ Responses

Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon take great pride in collecting and presenting customer feedback. It helps making sure that move out cleaning Abingdon becomes the best service in its respective field. Check out the initial and final impressions of some of our clients below.

  • The quick response from the agents and the good quality of the clean.

    Sarah Knight
    stars 5
  • Really good service. Your time slots are a bit strange but the cleaning was good.

    George Russell
    stars 5
  • Service was fine, will use again, she did worked hard for the 3 hours.

    Lucy Metcalfe
    stars 5

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