The Home Cleaning in Abingdon That You Can Count On

regular domestic cleaning services AbingdonYou know that your house is filled to the brim with clutter. When you’ve spent the last half an hour searching for your car keys. Besides wasting your time a disorderly home will also make your life more stressful. It will encourage the spread of bacteria and pests. With domestic cleaning from Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon, you can effortlessly solve all of these problems and more! From dusting off furniture and managing your wardrobe to thoroughly cleaning every item in your kitchen and bathroom. The local specialists will bring peace and harmony from the moment they set foot inside your property.

Scheduling a Local Session Is Nothing Short of Easy!

You can book home cleaning from Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon by dialling 01235 248 081. There are other ways to reach us. Either write an e-mail, send a message through our chat or use the online booking form. If you’re opt for a regular cleaning session. Please specify whether you want the maid to visit you on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Spring cleaning, on the other hand, is a one time offer and it cannot last less than three hours. However, the service delivers much more thorough results. Describe us your property’s layout. How many rooms and floors does it have. Be sure to mention your cleaning priorities and set a day & hour of your preference. That’s it, claim your free of charge price quote!

What Makes Dion’s House Cleaning Abingdon the Better Choice?

Besides offering fair prices, we also strive to provide you with flexible features. to match the fast-paced rhythm of modern life:

  • Equally priced domestic cleaning Abingdon appointments for each day of the week. Including for weekends and bank holidays;
  • All domestic cleaners have been interviewed and own legal documents to work in the UK. They are often checked by a Quality Control Supervisor;
  • Our company holds a comprehensive Public & Employers Liability insurance. Our prices stay unaffected by deposits or small contract obligations;
  • You can schedule regular and one-off bookings. Ask for free quotes, and learn everything else you need via our 24/7 phone & online support.

Regular & One-off Domestic Cleaning Explained

Regular cleaning is designed to maintain houses whose order has been somewhat preserved. In this case, your property will be visited by the same cleaner. He will make sure to keep your furniture and floors dust and spill-free. If you wish, the cleaner can also take up other responsibilities. Such as watering plants, taking care of your pet, organizing your clothing, and more. Please keep in mind that the maid will work with what you have in terms of equipment and cleaning products.

If “anarchy” cannot even begin to describe the situation inside your home. Then better opt for our one-off alternative instead. You’ll be greeted by a team of certified house cleaners who will clean as much as possible for the time booked. They’ll provide you with a custom checklist. Where you can mark the items or rooms that need their attention the most. Besides, the experts of Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon will bring their own professional detergents and equipment.

Take a Look at Our Comprehensive Checklists

Regular cleaning: Your regular cleaner will polish all surfaces in sight, put fresh bed sheets, remove dust from lamp shades, window blinds, and picture frames, vacuum and mop the floors and the spaces behind furniture, clean the windows from inside, wash the dishes, and wipe all kitchen appliances.

One-off cleaning: In addition to everything that is included in a regular session. Dion’s spring cleaners will take care of all hanging spider webs, thoroughly scrub grease and food deposits from each kitchen appliance, polish mirrors and clean furniture in and out, wipe all skirting boards and clean light switches, polish bathroom tiles and disinfect the toilet, hoover all carpets, rinse all window elements, unclog sinks and deliver them from limescale… and that’s just a small glimpse of what your individual checklist actually offers!

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