Remove Colourful Stains from Your Exotic Rug With Dion's Carpet Cleaning Abingdon OX14

With time, every rug in existence starts to increasingly reflect its owner’s daily routine. From food and drink spills to latex paint, dirt, wax, and cosmetics stains. We never know what will befall our carpets next or when. Whether with bleach or wash powders. We usually try to clean up the mess on our own, ending up with a refashioned rug that will raise many eyebrows. Save yourself the inconvenience by hiring the experienced carpet cleaners at Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon today! Equipped with the latest cleaning products and technology on the market. They will inspect your carpet inch by inch to evaporate almost every stain on their path. Just state the material of your rug and be ready to answer the door!

Dion’s Cleaners Work With Your Preferences in Mind

Why should you pick Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon and not any other service provider? Keep reading to find out:

  • Each cleaner sports a friendly attitude, carries an Id, and is ready to give you tips on rug maintenance;
  • You can make your appointment for any day of the week and on bank holidays;
  • We use Prochem-approved detergents that will not have a negative impact on your health;
  • No moment is inconvenient for our 24/7 customer support team. You can freely ask them any service-related questions.

We Can Offer You a Diverse Cleaning Arsenal

Our carpet cleaning services in Abingdon OX14 are split into the following three categories:

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning: The smudges on all wool, synthetic, and natural fibre carpets will be pre-treated and removed with hot steam.
  • Steam carpet cleaning: Stains will be pretreated and evaporated from synthetic and wool carpets via a powerful stream of water.
  • Dry carpet cleaning: Designed for sisal, seagrass, and other delicate/non-water resistant carpets. It is used to refresh the fabric rather than remove stains.

If you feel that your sofa, curtains, upholstery, or mattress are in need of a professional cleaning hand as well. You can easily include them in your rug cleaning appointment to deal with everything at once!

Let Us Walk You Through Our Cleaning Process

To perform hot water extraction carpet cleaning Abingdon OX14. Your specialist will first make sure to place protective pads under your furniture. After determining the PH scale of your rug, the technician will spray all stains with a detergent solution, held in the carpet machine’s reservoir. Almost all remaining moisture will be then extracted together with all dirt. After about 3 hours, your rug will be good to go.

To carry out dry carpet cleaning, the expert will pre-treat all stains with spray & powder-based products. They will be then scrubbed between the fibres to collect all adhesive materials from the rug’s surface.

For steam carpet cleaning, it is important for the specialist to know the origin of the stain. That way they can use proper detergents before the procedure. Then, a special machine will heat up water to produce, inject, and extract hot steam from the rug. Everything else that got there by accident will be gone as well.

Let Us Offer You Even More Benefits

  • Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon can apply Scotchgard or use an Air Mover system to dry out your rug at 3 times the speed;
  • The hot water extraction method will reclaim 95% of the moisture back for optimal cleaning results;
  • The cleaner will leave you overshoes, which you can wear for the first hour after your rug cleaning session;
  • The service is not hourly-based. The technician will not leave the property until the best possible treatment has been delivered.

Important notice: 100% stain removal is not guaranteed!

Choose How You Want to Book Your Local Session with Dion's Cleaners in Abingdon

Dial 01235 248 081 today to start a conversation with a friendly advisor. Hire carpet cleaners in Abingdon OX14. Alternatively, send an e-mail, start a chat on our website, or submit our online booking form to achieve the same. After we learn more about your carpet’s type, condition, and dimensions. We’ll gladly provide you with a free price estimation!

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